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The course

Part One.
How to Ask 

A fun workshop exploring horse and rider body language.

Part Two.
How to Dance

Listening skills and choreography.
Part Three.
The Dance
Throw some moves to one of 30 unique soundtracks.

Part One:

An interactive seminar revealing the secret language that every horse knows fluently. 

Part Two:

How to use DWYH soundtracks to train and relax both yourself and your horse.

Part Three: The Dance.


This final part of the course takes the form of a light-hearted competition that rewards musicality, creativity, and equitation skills. A sort of Strictly Come Dancing / Dancing with the Stars.

The course designer and guest judges are fully aware that the prospect of performing can sometimes give rise to feelings of anxiety and apprehension and, left unchecked, can have a negative effect on performing ability and enjoyment.

Participants that would benefit are allowed 'another go' in the form of a marked 'dress rehearsal'.  

Only their highest scoring routine will be recorded for final results.

It is important to note that the light-hearted competition is incorporated as a teaching aid, and never a source of discomfort.

Riders not ready to perform in the presence of an audience are under no obligation to do so and their routine can be assessed privately.

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