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Riding ability

The course will be of most benefit to riders who can make transitions between walk, trot, and canter.

Riding Club, Livery Yard ... Happy Hackers

Because all the music is supplied, all you really need is a horse and a willingness to develop your creativity. You do not need to be a dressage rider.

As the final part of the course takes the form of a light-hearted competition, a minimum of four participants is preferable. 


Ideally, you will have access to an indoor riding arena with some form of sound system, but any large flat riding surface is workable.



The Music


Drawing from an eclectic choice of specifically created soundtracks, riders select a theme that stimulates their musical tastes and the course designer then personalises the music tempi to match their horse's BPM.


Every course soundtrack, be it Elton John, Tchaikovsky or The Drifters has been arranged in such a way that no advantage (or disadvantage) can be gained for musical preference. All themes offer the same creative opportunities.   


Each soundtrack has been expertly arranged to complement the specific gaits of a moving horse. While the music may be suitable for use in other forms of leisure riding activity, the tracks are not licensed for (and therefore should not be used) outside of the course.



Creating and executing good choreography involves a certain amount of counting and hitting your mark.

What to count and where to hit are clarified with the use of simple shapes and arena hot spots.

The course's unique soundtracks make it easy to combine listening skills with commonly used riding school movements and this union leads to greater confidence in producing an attractive and thoughtful floor plan. 


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